About Us

History of the Loose Ends League

The Loose Ends started out as an unofficial club established in September of 2006 with members curling in the Friday night recreational curling league a the Mayflower Curling Club. For the 2009-10 season, Loose Ends expanded and started an official club on Sunday evenings at the Mayflower Curling Club. Now officially coming into its 10th season, the Loose Ends still occupy the Sunday afternoon timeslot at the Mayflower Curling Club and even have members who play in the Mayflower competitive and recreational leagues.

Loose Ends Board

Lennie Comeau  |  Co-Chair / Treasurer
Mark Gammon   |  Co-Chair
Craig Larsh  |  Secretary

Loose Ends in the media

Gay Curling in Canada

There are 10 other GLBTQ curling leagues across Canada:

    • Vancouver – The Pacific Rim Curling League
    • Calgary – Apollo Curling
    • Edmonton – Curling with Pride
    • Winnipeg – Keystone Curling League
    • Saskatoon – Prairie Lily Curling League
    • Toronto – Rotators Curling League
    • Toronto – Riverdale Curling League
    • Ottawa – Rainbow Rockers
    • Montreal – Les Fous du Roi
    • Montreal – Les Phénix
    • St. John’s – Odds & Ends

Many of them organize their own bonspiels throughout the curling season – a Gay-Bonspiel-Circuit so to speak. Check out www.gaycurl.ca for links and information on the other GLBT leagues across Canada.

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