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Gay Curling in Canada

There are 10 other LGBTQI++ curling leagues across Canada:

    • Vancouver – The Pacific Rim Curling League
    • Calgary – Apollo Curling
    • Edmonton – Curling with Pride
    • Winnipeg – Keystone Curling League
    • Saskatoon – Prairie Lily Curling League
    • Toronto – Rotators Curling League
    • Toronto – Riverdale Curling League
    • Ottawa – Rainbow Rockers
    • Montreal – Les Fous du Roi
    • Montreal – Les Phénix
    • St. John’s – Odds & Ends

Many of them organize their own bonspiels throughout the curling season – a Gay Bonspiel Circuit so to speak. Check out www.gaycurl.ca for links and information on the other LGBTQI++ leagues across Canada.


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