Pink Broom

2015 Pink Broom Teams and Schedule

We have 36 individuals signed up to participate in tomorrow’s Pink Broom Curling Event. For team names, we go back a couple years to one of the organizer’s favorite cartoons… Pokémon! Teams are as follows:

Team Name Skip Mate Second Lead
Team Charmander Kris A. Micheline O. Mathieu A-A. Sarah A.
Team Bulbasaur Jeff M. Michael G. Brent R. Glenn A.
Team Squirtle Collette L. Ruby L. Tracey K. Julie D
Team Pikachu Kyra H. Laura L. Sonja G. Freida F.
Team Sandshrew Don M. Cam M. Sarah W. Mindy H-W.
Team Alakazam Larry B. Mark G. Darren H. Chris M.
Team Jigglypuff Jamie T. Amber L. Martha P. Evan W.
Team Meowth Holly O. Anita W. Shelley B. Gail R.
Team Snorlax Shawn O. Jeff R. Chandler W. Jeff S.

Please note that all positions are not concrete and can be changed around at any time throughout the afternoon. All teams will play 2, 90 minute curling games. Games will have a 15 minute break in between in case teams are required to play back-to-back. The schedule is as follows:

Pink Broom 2015 Schedule

Sheet 1

Sheet 2

Sheet 3

3:00 PM


3:30 PM


4:00 PM

Charmander v.


Squirtle v.


Sandshrew v.


5:45 PM

Jigglypuff v.


Bulbasaur v.


Meowth v.


7:30 PM Meowth v.


Snorlax v.


Jigglypuff v.


Hopefully we will see everyone tomorrow at the Mayflower Curling Club! We have some pretty good raffle prives and will be doing a 50-50 draw as well!!

Pink Broom Fundraiser General Information

One Saturday afternoon/evening a season, we offer a mix and match style of curling event where people sign up for 3-4 four-end curling games, raffle prizes and some cold beverages. All funds raised go directly to the curlers representing the Loose Ends league at the Canadian Gay Curling Championships.

The most recent Pink Broom Fundraiser in early 2013 was a great success and raised over $1000.00 for the Loose Ends representatives headed to Edmonton!

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